“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities.”
Dr. Seuss

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dance Recital

Here are my adorable girls in their dance recital on Thursday night! Livia was so excited to have her hair all "curlity"! Because I was flying solo, and entertaining Trey, I could only take pictures before and after and then video tape the performance! These are just the pictures for now...I am going to spend tomorrow figuring out my new video camera and how to get the video on my computer and here! So for now...enjoy the pictures!!!
Livia was having trouble smiling naturally because of the lipstick!

Trey was feeling a little left out of all the picture taking!
As a tradition, I always make the kids candy leis...I usually do flowers too, but didn't have enough hands this year!

Then off to the ice cream shop for after recital ice cream (and corn dogs this night...they were all hungry!).
(by the way, Aurianna looks so old in this picture...ahhhh, she is growing up way to fast.)Livia was just tired...that girl stays up past her bed time of eight o'clock...and watch out! Trey didn't mind though...he was just enjoying his dog!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Luck!

This is Livia's fix for not wanting to wear tights, but wanting to wear a skirt. Pants. It looks hilarious and I try to talk her out of it, but she thinks that it looks beautiful...my own little Fancy Nancy(Livia!).
I was in love with last week! Finally nice, spring days. The kids played outside endlessly! We got out the bikes, went to the park and covered all visible cement in chalk...it was bliss! Oh and my windows...they were all wide open...it just made me so happy inside! (sorry for all of the pictures on my blog...I kind of like to take a lot!!!)

And on a nice spring day...this is what my afternoon was like!
But of course it was all too good to be true! We knew that it was going to be one of those not so quiet Sunday's at our house. Tad was having to take off for Ohio on Sunday because they had early meetings on Monday morning. He was going to attend Sacrament with us and then take off for the airport. I was teaching YW. It was all planned out perfectly. Until Aurianna went from fine to when Tad came home after his church meetings to pick us up...she was running 103.5 fever. Tad had to run down and find the mia maid teacher to take my class. I am so thankful for the power of the Priesthood. With him running out the door and knowing that I was going to be going solo for 10 days with sick kids, it was so comforting to have him give Aurianna a blessing.

So now it is Wednesday...Aurianna's fever is finally down, although now she has a horrible cold. Poor girl had to have some horrible tests done at the doctors on Monday. I can count on one hand how many times Aurianna has been sick in her life. Because of that, she doesn't deal with it very well. I think that she will be good to go back to school tomorrow though!!! She is really excited to get back. This is the first time that she has missed school this year. We stopped by her school on Monday to get her homework...19 pages for 3 days....ya, that is not a typing error, 19 pages. I am convinced that by next year (2nd grade) I am not going to be able to help her with her math homework.(good thing she has an uncle that is a math teacher!!!) She is memorizing her times tables right now. Shock. Pretty sure I didn't learn that stuff when I was in first grade.

I haven't slept for about three days, and I am ready to punch something because the snow won't stop. But, on the up side, because we haven't been able to go anywhere for three days...my laundry is DONE!!! I am just crossing my fingers that the other two stay healthy...probably won't happen, but one can always dream right!!!

Picture Tag!

Thanks Lisanne for the tag! This was fun to do...although I was nervous to see what the picture was going to be. Aurianna tends to get ahold of my camera and take really odd pictures. I really need to back up my pictures!

The rules:
1-Go to your document/pictures file on your computer
2-Go to the 6th file
3-Go to the 6th picture
4-Blog about that picture
5-Tag 6 people

I am so glad that it is this picture...I love this picture! We had just moved into our house in West Jordan. Livia was only about three months old and Aurianna was three! Aurianna wanted to play out in the snow so badly that day! I got her all bundled up. I kept coming inside to check on Livia (I was still getting used to balancing two kids!) and then running back outside to play with Aurianna. I thought it was so sweet that Aurianna was checking on her sister!!!
Have fun with this tag...I tag Tiffany B., Nicole N., Chanelle L., Katie C., Becky G., Andrea B.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Goin' Green!

We had good green fun on Tuesday! Although we were hoping for a little bit of gold...the kids weren't disappointed by the goodies that the leprechaun left! I think that they were most excited by his footprints on the counter leading up to the trap!

The tricky little Leprechaun left a trail of green behind him! When the girls went in to use the bathroom, the toilet water was green. Livia freaked out. She said that is so gross that the Leprechaun went to the bathroom in our potty. "And he didn't even flush, GROSS!"
(Yesterday(Friday), Livia turned on the water first thing in the morning and it kind of sputtered out when she first turned it on, she told me that she thinks that the leprechaun must of messed our water up when he was washing his hands!)

Aurianna had a green lunch!

and we had a wonderful green dinner with green kool aid, green pudding, and of course green cake!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Does anyone have any minutes for sale?

I remember when I was in High School and my mom would say, "There aren't enough hours in the day!". I also remember thinking that she was crazy (sorry mom). I went to school, work, did homework, got a full night of sleep and still had time to hang out with my friends. There were plenty of hours in the day! Fast forward ten years...hours are disappearing. I think it must happen as you get older. The closer I get to 30, the bigger my list grows and the less time I have to do it all. I often find myself using the phrase that my mom also used to say..."I don't have time to pee." Although, I do actually find time to pee, I just have little kids around my feet or pounding on the door! OK...off of that subject, sorry! Now back to TIME...I keep coming across a ton of cute ideas and things to make. Too many in fact that I can't keep track of them or find the time to do them. I love making crafts this time of year (well all year really!), there are so many cute Easter crafts and spring crafts. I thought that I would post some that I have found...it will help me remember all of the things that I want to do! I also all of the sudden have a new found desire to go to second hand shops and start finding furniture and redoing it! I need more storage! If anyone else is into this and has any tips, let me know!!!


I am making these for my Visiting Teaching sisters this week! They are so cute!

and I am making these with the kids!
This looks like a cute project too!

There are many more...but I think that I will stick to these for right now! I hope you all have a wonderful St. Paddy's day tomorrow! Livia is so excited, she told me this morning..."Mom, we really need to catch that little Leprechaun, we need some GOLD!!!" I agree completely!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009


I have been in the mood....the mood to make some huge messes...and it has rubbed off onto my kids! This has been a good and a bad thing...the good, we have had a blast, the bad, it takes a lot of work to clean up a good, fun mess! We have baked, colored, play dohed, made forts and plenty of little messes in between! I got out all of the painting stuff the other day and let the kids go at it! They created some beautiful Spring pictures, hoping that Mother Nature would get a clue!

(Aurianna is so thrilled to have her picture taken once again!)

Yesterday, everyone took their messes into their own hands. I woke up to the sound of cheerful voices coming from the kitchen. I came down stairs (it was 6:45). The girls were on the counter mixing up their very own cookies. They had the cookbooks out and everything. I have no idea how long they had been up. And oh the mess...flour all over the floor and the chairs and the kids. It was one of those great mornings when an hour feels like it goes by in 15 minutes. But we did make it to school on time!

(For some reason Aurianna is wearing Livia's PJs)

It had been a long day...Tad was finishing a paper (1 1/2 more classes to go!!!) and I was ready to snuggle up and watch a little Ugly Betty (I know I probably shouldn't be, but I am addicted). I guess the dog was feeling a little left out (maybe i should have let him paw paint!). I brought him in from out back and this is what I found...

My husband saved the day by bringing me a dozen red roses! Thanks honey! As for my mess making mood...I think tomorrow we will play with ublick!

Monday, March 9, 2009

I am Thankful...

Today I am thankful for my house. I just took off my sweatshirt because I was so hot and as I looked up, I was looking straight out the window to the white world that we have been experiencing all day. I felt extremely grateful that my little family is being kept warm inside our house. I am trying to be positive about the snow. My grass should be really, really green this year! And we are going to go sledding again tomorrow! That is about as far as my enthusiasm goes!

It is hard to imagine that in a month my trees will look like this!!!(This was April last year!) But for now we have more of this....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

You Make 'Em, I Amuse 'Em!

Every year our library holds a big birthday party for Dr. Seuss! Last year scared the pants off of Trey and Livia by having the guest of honor be the Grinch. I spent at least the next six months trying to convince Trey that the Grinch wasn't in the basement or in his closet and no, the cranky cross walk lady at Aurianna's school is not the Grinch!
This year I was happy to see that they were celebrating by having everyone dress up as their favorite character in their favorite book! My girls still wanted to pay their respects to the great Dr. by being a Who from Who Ville! (Livia had a blast getting ready!)
Trey loves the book PARTSSo we got him dressed up like the boy in this book! (A problem arose, I will get to that in a sec!).
The kids all had a blast though! They invited Fancy Nancy, The Big Bad Wolf and the Hungry Caterpillar to come read their stories to the kids! They had a story book parade and everyone got a fun prize for coming dressed up!

They gave away prizes and Trey won! He got this
And all of the kids got to pick out their own book!
This is our cute librarian! She always does such cute things!
Trey looks more like Linus from Charlie Brown because he had a yucky wart removed off of his foot right before the party. He wouldn't let me put shoes on him and I had to find pants that were too short so that it didn't touch it. The wart wasn't really that big...but this is what we woke up to this morning
He was still smiling though....he is such a little trooper!
This was his head last October...the kid didn't even cry as they were numbing and stapling his head! The doctors were amazed! By the time he is done, he could be his own character in one of Dr. Seuss' books!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ok...just one more post for today!

So much was going on around the time of Trey's third birthday, I din't get time to post about it. I can't believe my little boy is already three. He grew up so quickly. He is so adorable, a rascal, but adorable! As much as the girls have tried by putting make up on him or dressing him up like a princess...he is such a boy!!! He loves Star Wars and Spider Man! He loves playing with his light sabors and hot wheels! He also loves making a mess! If there is mud, he will find it! But oh his smile! It can get him out of so much trouble. His cry is even cute! If you can't tell, I kind of adore the kid! The problem is, so do Tad & his sisters. He is pretty protected! For his birthday we met all of his cousins (or his friends as he calls them) down at the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point! He had a blast with everyone!

After the museum, we met everyone else at the pizza place! We had a blast catching up with everyone!