“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities.”
Dr. Seuss

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Are you comfy? You may want to get that way before you settle in to read my next post. The last two weeks has been a nice little Thornton roller coaster ride!

Our story begins on the first day of July. With great anticipation for our favorite holiday, the 4th of July, our family was making all of the necessary araignments for the holiday...food, games, clothes, etc! Tad woke up a little tired on the first, by the afternoon he was complaining of a pain going from his chest around to his back. We thought maybe he was just sore, he had been working out a lot recently. That night he started violently vomiting. He spent the night that way. Thank heaven's for the holiday, because that was the only way I could convince him to go to the doctor, saying that they would be closed for the rest of the weekend. The doctor within five minutes was giving me directions to the medical rooms in the hospital. He wasn't exactly sure what was wrong, he was afraid it had something to do with his heart. Another thank heaven's goes out to all of my friends who were so willing to take my kids at the drop of a hat. (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!).

Tad spent the next few hours as a pin cushion. He was severely dehydrated, they had to stick tubes down his nose and throat (he gained a new respect for what Livia had to go through). They took blood from his arteries and everywhere else up and down his arms. EKG's and X-ray's and many more tests, and we finally discovered that Tad had severe pneumonia. They also told us that he had a staff infection.
Everyone was so amazing. My mind was at ease knowing that my kids were being well taken care of by Loretta, thank you so much! Unfortunately, Tad had to spend his favorite holiday in the hospital. The nurse escorted him outside so he could watch the Logan fireworks! Tad was able to come home on the fourth, but the doctor said that we couldn't be around him at all because he was so contagious. Although we were sent home with a box of masks, I didn't think that the kids were going to last an entire week wearing them! So we stocked Tad up with food and movies and sadly waved goodbye to our sick daddy.

The kids and I had many adventures over the last two weeks, and although we missed Tad, we had a lot of fun with family and friends!
On the third, Tad and I usually take the kids up to the park behind the stadium watch the fireworks. Loretta filled in for Tad this year. We had fun, although we thought that we might get rained out!

The kids and I rushed down on the fourth so that we could make it to Aunt Jolene and Uncle Steve's annual fourth of July BBQ and Sugarhouse Park fireworks! The kids had a blast with their cousins and of course the hit of the night was Uncle Mike! Thanks to Aunt Katie for bringing the glow in the dark sticks! Trey's favorite game was pretending they were light sabors!Trey's Face when the fireworks started!!!

Grandma Debbie was so excited to take us to the Discovery Museum at Gateway! They had a blast playing with everything! Trey's favorite was the helicopter on the roof. He would have stayed up there for hours if he could have! Livia loved playing in the store and being the cashier! And Aurianna had fun with everything...she wanted to do everything right away!

The fun continued the next day when we got to spend the day with Great Grandma Kelly! My kids adore their Grandma Kelly! We went over to Uncle Dustin and Aunt Becky's gorgeous new house! We were all so excited that Aunt Becky decided to join us for the day! We went to lunch and then Grandma took us to a park where all of the kids play in these gigantic fountains! Livia layed back in the water and sang the Cinderella song to herself. I think that she thought she was a princess for the afternoon being able to swim in a fountain!

We had a blast down in Salt Lake with everyone! Thanks Mom for taking such good care of us!
We were all worried about Tad though and ready to get home and check on him! We came home and took him to the doctor for a check up. We were relieved to find out that Tad didn't have a staff infection, but a new discovery had been made. He had Scarlet Fever along with his pneumonia. He is now feeling much better, but not 100% yet. His lungs still hurt and he is very weak. He has lost 18 pounds over the last two weeks. We went up in the Canyons the other night to make smores! We all had a blast around the camp fire (once we got it started!). I forgot to bring newspaper. We finally borrowed some from the campers next to us. They had just gotten there and used lighter fluid to light their fires. We were still blowing on ours trying to get it going when Livia walked over and said, "Dad, what is wrong with your fire...they(pointing to the other campers) just got here and their fire is bigger than yours!" Leave it to Livia to point out the obvious! We skipped rocks, enjoyed the waterfall and even saw a snake! And the smores were delicious of course!

Okay, we are at the end...hopefully your behind isn't too sore! Just one more story...! I am royally allergic to bugs...bees, Mosquitoes, spiders...if they bite, I will swell! I of course carry insect repellant everywhere. I covered all of us that night in the canyons, except for Tad who said he was fine. Tad didn't get any bites. I woke up the next morning with five bites accross the side of my face and on my fore head (not attractive, I look like I am 13 again!). But this is how Livia woke up....

and this is what came out of her mouth...
"Mom, why did God put bugs on the Earf?"
"I don't like Mosquitoe bumps!"

I agreed the next day when I woke up with the side of my face completley swollen and my eyes swollen shut. Tad got a kick all day every time he saw me he would say "BABY RUTH" (think Goonies!). Needless to say, we didn't go anywhere for a couple of days!

Sorry again for the long post. I hope that everyone is enjoying their summers!!! Have a great 24th!