“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities.”
Dr. Seuss

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Never Really Got Around to Part 2

Sorry! I thought that I would get around to part two the very next day...there are just not enough hours in the day! Part two will have to come later...but I won't leave the surprise hanging out there for any longer!!! Number four will soon join our home! I found out at 13 weeks that I was pregnant and we kept it secret until my gender ultra sound! The kids didn't even know (except we are pretty sure Aurianna was suspicious!). The look on their faces when the doctor found the heart beat were priceless! It's a GIRL!!! The girls are ecstatic...I think Trey just thinks that we are all crazy. Anyway, the due date is February 22! I am so glad that we didn't tell the kids any sooner, it made everything go by so fast. Two days after they found out, Livia and I were driving in the car and I said, "oh, I can feel you little sister kicking", she responded with a sigh, "oh good, she can finally come out!" It would have made for a very long 40 weeks!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Please Don't Kill Me! Part 1

I will try to keep this as short and sweet as possible, but even as I type those words, I know that it is impossible! But we had way too much fun for the rest of our summer to not share all of the fun pictures. I will even throw a surprise in at the end if you make it that far!!!

We attended the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house...the kids loved being able to walk through a "real life temple" and ask their bazillions of questions! Thanks mom for such a wonderful memory!

We went with Tad's family to Raging Waters! The kids had a blast with their cousins, but I think that the adults enjoyed it the most! Thanks Loretta for a great day!

We had a blast bowling with friends!

We headed up to Downata Hot Springs in Idaho for some more water slide fun, but on a much smaller scale! Trey and Livia loved it because they could go down the water slides all by themselves! Trey wouldn't ever come up out of the water, he would keep his head under and swim to the stairs...it was hilarious! He freaked the lifeguard out the first time! On the way home we just happened to run into the Preston Days Parade, so we pulled over and had our dinner and watched the parade!

We decided to go back the next night for the Rodeo! The kids loved every second of it from the horses and bulls to the cotton candy and popcorn! Trey stayed awake for every last second...he was glued!

Swimming lessons...two weeks of nothing but fun in the sun! We had swim lessons at 9 am and we didn't walk out of the pool most days until after two! I have little fish, what can I say! The kids had a blast with their classes and each get to skip the next step, I guess swimming all day is good for practice!

Lemonade Stands...This was hilarious. Aurianna was too embarased, so she made her sister and brother do all of the hardwork, which they didn't mind at all! Trey would hold up the sign and yell as loud as he could..."LEMONADE STAND".

Ok, This part needs a post all to itself...but oh well! This was one of our highlights of the summer! My uncle and aunt were up in Bear Lake and invited us up to go boating for the day! Our kids all just happen to be the same age and love being together! We had an absolute blast. It was my kids first time being on a boat and they loved every minute of it! Thanks Uncle Craig and Aunt Trinka for such a fun day!!!

Then came getting in the freezing cold water! The kids were all so brave. We knew that once they tried it, they would love it!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Falling off the Face of the Earth is a weird sensation!

You can thank Qwest for my fall away from blogging for awhile. After six months of dealing with their shenanigans (yes, I often use words from my mother's vocabulary!), I decided it was time to part, thus leaving me in the hunt for good Internet service. I have gallons of stories and pictures to share, but they are all on my computer (the pictures, not the stories!). Hopefully I will soon be feeling the comfort of my own keyboard under my fingertips!

I just wanted to share a quick thought that requires no pictures, and doesn't have anything to do with my kids. They will get their day in my blogging sun soon enough!

I wax...yes, that is right, the secret is out of the bag. Every month I pay a lovely little visit down to my Chinese torture lady. I don't know why more people don't wax...plucking just hurts so darn bad, over and over and over again...OUCH! But waxing, just one little (well sometimes big) OUCH...and you are done!!! I call my waxing lady a torturer because I truly think that she gets pleasure out of my pain. She is wonderful though and I walk away smiling every time! Although there is one little worry that I have every time I put my bushy eyebrows into her hands. As I look at her face as she comes upon me with the wax, I can't help but notice her eyebrows. They are painted on, which leaves me wondering...is that on purpose? Was she just born with very little eyebrow hair, or was she waxing her own brows at some point in time and whoop, there went the eyebrow. And yet, I swallow my fear and close my eyes and pray that she will not have a slip of the hand. All in the name of beauty I guess...well that and the fact that I really hate tweezers!!!

So, take my advice, put the tweezers away, find a lady that actually has real eyebrows and JUST WAX IT!!! I have another great torture lady down in Sandy if you are down that direction...she is even worse than mine...she grunts as she rips it off and doesn't speak a lick of English...but she is really, really good! Let me know if you need one.

Sorry for the very random post after such a long absence. Next week you will be sick of me and all of my pictures, so just write this one off to my oddness (my husband and brother Alex can attest that it appears way too often!). Ta, Ta for now!