“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities.”
Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


(this is the castle that I made for Lips out of 8 fridge boxes! It was awesome!)


Yestermorrow is my favorite new word from Lips! She is so adorable! When she first said it I wasn't quite sure what she meant...was she talking about Yesterday or tomorrow. I had to listen a little more carefully to put it all together. From what I gather, it means yesterday or anything before today. My hubby( he can't decide on what nickname I can use for him, but Loverbuckets wasn't doin it for him!), and I are still laughing about the primary program a couple weeks ago when Livia stood up and said her memorized line "I am thankful for my family cause them help me say my prayers".

She is also my little girly girl...she won't wear pants...no exceptions. Everyday I try, but she screams and has a fit until I find a dress or a skirt that will twirl. We went into pay less the other day to get dance shoes. Before we even entered the store she was pointing out the gold high heeled shoes on the picture telling me that I needed to get them. (my thought, oh ya like i could chase 3p in those suckers!). By the time we left she had all of the employees laughing as she was putting the jewelry together with the shoes and telling me which purses would match and what belts went "perfect" together! I think that they wanted to hire her....I was about ready to buy the whole lot, because she was right...they would all go "perfect" together! I am 100% positive that this little girl is going to cost me a lot of money one day!

It was a Monday like any other...chocolate milk to be served, lunches to be made...dance class to attend and a fun filled afternoon of cleaning the basement. My sweet, adorable, loving, won't leave mommies side son has been starting to change. He disappeared while Lips and I were cleaning her room. He soon returned with a soaking wet head of hair. My first thought was, oh no, he got into the sink and there is probably a puddle of water all over my kitchen floor. I got down on my knees and said to 3P, "what has mommy said about getting into the sink?" He flashed that adorable grin at me and I instantly knew that I couldn't get any more mad at him than that. But what I have come to find out is that that once sweet, innocent grin is not so innocent anymore. His response to me was, "No mom, not in the sink...in the potty." That's right folks, my son dunked his own head into the toilet and gave himself his very own swirly and enjoyed every second of it. I was so grossed out and angry at the same time...I marched him up to the shower while he grinned all the while. My husband came in and asked what happened. He had to leave the room he was laughing so hard...I am not so sure I have gotten to the laughing about it phase...maybe when I am telling his kids!!!

But unfortunately for me, the fun doesn't end there...

We picked Lips up from preschool and 3P bolted across the two acres of land that the preschool teacher owns...in which as I got closer he twisted and turned in the mud, just to throw me off. His response when I finally caught up to him..."I wanted to visit the cows..."

and it just keeps on getting better. With all of the wonderful things that come from living in this lovely small town that we are in, there are of course some drawbacks and that is that although we have a ton of fast food places, there is only one with a play place. For me on this Tuesday it provided me and my son to be the entertainment for half of the stay at home moms in this county joining us at McDonald's.

My friend and I were having a lovely conversation over our salads and hamburgers when I happen to look up as my son comes down the slide and walks out with only his shirt on. In all of his glory with that wonderful grin that I have come to know as evil, my son flashes the entire restaurant. There were of course some snickers as I ran over to put his pants back on. I told him not to take his clothes off again and sent him back up the slide to play. I sat waiting to run back to the slide just in case and sure enough he comes out again naked. This time I threatened that we would leave if he took off his pants again. I sent him back up the slide to find the underpants that he left up there. I sat back down again. He came out again a few times with no underpants in hand, but at least he was dressed. All of the sudden everyone around me is laughing hard...3P has placed his underwear on his head and is pretending to be a monster chasing around his sister. Time to leave McDonald's...

I am hoping that very soon my 3P's sweet, innocent smile will return , with no evil side to it! Until then I will keep waking up every morning with my first thought being "what is he going to do today?"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Puddle Jumping...

It has been raining non stop for the last few days. It has reminded me of our Seattle days and I have loved every moment of it! I love the way it makes you feel like you need to wrap up into a blanket and snuggle with everyone around you. Unfortunatley it has been a crazy busy week, so today was the first day that me and the kids just got to snuggle and warm up with hot chocolate. I decided that the messy house will still be there waiting for me tomorrow, although the rainy day may not.

Trey being the all boy meat that he is, has introduced me to jumping in puddles. The girls would never dream of it...well that was until Trey taught them that it was so much fun. Yesterday as we were walking into the Book Table, Trey jumped into his first puddle. At first I tried to stop him, until he said..."Mom, I NEED to JUMP!" I stopped and thought...you are only two once... you're right you do need to jump...jump away!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I have been enjoying your blogs for many months now! I love your stories, views on life, fun ideas and catching up with your families! I am passionate about family history and story telling...I can't wait to start sharing our Story!