“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities.”
Dr. Seuss

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Last Week of School!!!

Just a little warning before you start to read this...a lot of the pictures are from my phone. Long story, but I am camera less right now (never thought those words would come out of my mouth:)) Tad, my mom and my mother in law gave me a new one for my birthday, but it isn't here yet...so for the time being all pics come through the iPhone. That would be great, if there hadn't been a small incident with my phone going into the toilet a month or so ago. Thank heavens for a bag of rice, the phone still works until I am eligible for my upgrade, but the camera is not really working so wonderfully...so, the pics...not great, just to warn ya!

Onto our last week of school! This is one of my FAVORITE weeks! I really should stop saying that because in all honesty, I have a lot of favorite weeks! But who doesn't love the last week of school? Cleaning out the desks, the anticipation of summer right around the corner, class parties, autographs and exchanging numbers...so many things to love! 

We planned a fun trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in Cincinnati a couple of months ago! We left on Monday morning! It was perfect because it was only an hour and half from where we live and even though our room wasn't ready when we arrived, we were able to go right into the water park! It is all indoor and the three older kids could go on every slide in the park! They had a little kid area with slides  and shallow pools perfect for Ainslee and Audrey! They also had a wave pool and a lazy river and a few other pools with activities in them! Everyone had a blast! We played ALL day! At 4, Tad realized that we hadn't even stopped for lunch! There are restaurants right in the lodge so we just dried off and put clothes on and ran into the grill upstairs to have dinner! The three older kids chowed down excited to get back to the park. The younger two slowly ate their food until Audrey suddenly fell asleep mid mac'n cheese bite! Tad went back to the park with the older kids and I went to the room with the younger two! 

It was six and she was OUT! She was even snoring!!!

 Ainslee had a blast being the only kid in our room and loved exploring everything there was to see! We were chilly from being in the water all day so we turned on the fireplace, enjoyed the view of the outdoor pool from our balcony and of course had a blast in the kids cabin!
 She also enjoyed a very relaxing bath all by herself...that never happens!!!
 We eventually woke Audrey up and got jammies on! It was time for the lodge story time! The girls thought this was fun...until this wolf came out...then Audrey was ready to get the heck out of there!

 I swam with the little girls for a couple hours Tuesday morning, but then we took off for Ikea up the road while Tad and the other kids played at the park! We had to head home early in the afternoon to make it back for soccer tryouts...but it was time. The second we got in the car they all fell asleep!
 Wednesday was designated for laundry, until I saw Tonya Crisers call out to friends to go to this fun splash pad in Circleville! It was a bit of a drive, but the girls had a blast!
Ainslee had a blast! 

 Audrey wasn't too sure at first and she was just enjoying the goodies and snuggling with mom! But by the end,  I couldn't get her out of the water!

 This last month almost every weeknight has left Tad and I going in different directions! Sometimes even three different directions (yes it is possible!)! This Wednesday night wasn't any different! Aurianna had an end of season soccer party with her team! It was at her friend Gina's house and it was a blast...literally! They had pizza, a gigantic soccer game, good company and lots of candy! The hit of the night was the Stuckey's gigantic candy shooter! Tad and Livia were at her soccer game. They showed up right in time for the candy! It was such a great way to end an awesome season! I am so proud of Aurianna and the girls on her team! They work so well together and they get along so well on and off the field!

 The kids had a fun week at school too! Livia's class has been celebrating for the entire month by doing something fun everyday! This week they went on a walk with a buddy, wore yellow in hopes of sunny summer days, and exceptional student awards! Livia won the Super Hero award for always being so helpful! We feel so blessed that each one of the kids had wonderful teachers this year to make our transition that much smoother. Livia and Mrs. Palmer had an instant connection. Livia says that it is because her teachers first name is Debbie and that is the name of her grandma who is also a teacher, but whatever it is, Livia has adored her! When my mom came to visit in October the two teachers arranged for their classes to be pen pals! Livia gets excited every time they get to exchange letters! This week Livia was able to stand in front of the school at the Celebration of Success assembly and tell them all about her experience with being a pen pal! Livia has made so many great friends this year and she has really had a great year! She was on the Student Council and received an award for that. She also received an Academic Excellence award for receiving all A's for the year!

Trey also loved his teacher and class! This last week of school they had a camp week! On Thursday they had to wear T-shirts that had some sort of a phrase on it. They also went on a walk that day! They had a movie day and a proud to be an American day. I think Trey's favorite day was bring a sleeping bag day. They brought their favorite book and flashlight and had campfire stories! Trey's teacher, Mrs. VanbusKirk, told us every time we saw her and wrote on every report card what a sweet boy Trey was. He was always trying to include the other kids and helping his teacher. He has always been a little shy and not as outspoken as his big sister Livia, but this year has helped him to come out of his shell a little bit and speak up for himself!

Aurianna had a fun last couple of weeks too! She has really enjoyed her teacher, probably because Mrs. Kitsmiller loves nature, creepy crawly, flying in the sky, getting your hands dirty stuff as much as Aurianna does! Aurianna has spent the last couple weeks learning and studying all about the different birds in the area! She  had a group from Alley Park come to her class and bring Owl pellets which they got to pick apart and find the bones in it and a ton of other stuff...stuff that made me want to lose my lunch, but Aurianna looked forward to it for days before they came! She had pizza parties out her ears this week...one for Safety Patrol, one for Library helper and one for her class! She also had, well I am not sure what it is called, but they run down the hall and everyone lines the hallway and claps their hands! She has had a wonderful last year in Elementary School. I can't believe that she is moving onto Middle School already, but she is excited and that makes me happy!

This was on the last day of class at the end of the day! The little girls were excited for summer too!!!