“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities.”
Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Livia's Kindergarten Graduation!!!

Wow...where did that year go? School is out and it is officially flip flop, shorts and t shirts, swimming pools and park season...come on rain, just try and stop us!!! Livia has absolutely loved this year, and in fact did not want it to end! She loves everything about school...her teachers, her friends, homework(yes, I said homework!) and even the tests! She would come straight home from school everyday and sit down to do her homework. At the beginning of the year I didn't think that this would last very long, she has a ton of homework for a kindergartner (two pages of math, front and back, spelling and reading), but it never got old to her! In fact she asked Aurianna to start bringing home extra homework from her class so that she could work on it at night. I have to say that Aurianna might not like to do her own homework, but she is an incredible teacher! She has taught Livia how to multiply by two's, three's, four's and five's and nine's! Anyway, back to the end of the year...Livia is devastated. It doesn't matter how many times I try to remind her of all of the slushies and play dates, she is not wanting the end of the school year to come! But end it must!She has been so excited for her graduation! She has had her dress and shoes laying out for three days and knew exactly how she wanted her hair and even picked out a new nail polish color when we were at the store the other day!!! She was all smiles through the entire program and cheered on her friends during the award ceremony! She made sure to give lot's of hugs to her teachers, Mrs. Larsen and Mrs. Chocolate (Peterson!). What a fun year it has been!!!!

Trey was a great photographer today!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Royal Wedding!!!

This post comes a little late, but then again, all of my posts for the last year have come A LOT late!!! It is not a secret that Livia is our girly, girl princess...but sometimes she surprises even me with her girlyness! The day before the Royal Wedding, Livia came home from school with a pink post it note from her teacher with all of the details of when and what channel the wedding would be on! This made me smile because Livia has connected so well with her teachers this year and I thought it was so cute that they would hand write a note just for her so that she could see a real life princess!!! She was SO excited when she came in and couldn't stop talking about how we had to tape it because it was on when she would be asleep, but that it was a REAL Princess marrying a REAL Prince!!!

The next morning it was the first thing that she asked for, so after Aurianna left for school we turned it on. I had the remote all ready to go so that I could fast forward through all of the driving and the people who we had no idea who they were. But, Liv would not stand for it. She wanted to watch the entire thing, every moment, every hat, every dress, every uniform, every car...no matter what. She was filled with such anticipation, that by the time Kate actually got in the car and was driving to the wedding...these were her words, "Mom, I think that I just might faint when I see her dress!". No joke...6 and she is going to faint over a dress! I had to hide my face in a pillow so that she wouldn't see me laughing! But the fun didn't end there! I went upstairs to get Ainslee from her nap and all of the sudden I hear shrieking. I thought maybe something had happened, so I ran (well 8 month pregnant waddle ran) down the stairs and right then there was another shriek. There was nothing wrong...except Kate getting out of the car. Livia wouldn't stop shrieking. Every turn, every look at the dress, walking down the aisle...every few moments Livia would let out a little shrill of delight! Trey finally turned around from the computer where I had set him up with PBSKIDS and said, "Livia, please stop making that noise!" We all took a deep breath as the wedding came to a close! But then the questions began. Why wasn't she a princess before she married the Prince? Who is the Queen? Why isn't the Princes Dad a King? Who is that with the Princes dad? to which my answer was, well the Princes mommy died a few years ago and so now that is his new wife. Livia: "So what is she?" Me: "She isn't anything." Livia: "Well she has to be something, she is married to the King." Me: "No, he isn't the King." Livia: "Mom, you aren't making any sense!" Me: "I know sweetheart, it is confusing." Livia: "I know! She is the Step-Queen!!!" No sense in fighting with that...especially when I can't even explain it straight! I decided to leave it for a later day! She wanted to watch it again with her sister after school, but Aurianna was not the least bit interested. Night and day those two are! I don't even want to think about Livia's wedding and Tad said he is going to have to take donations now that we have set the bar for her at a 65 million dollar wedding! Maybe I will just call her teacher and ask her to donate since she started it all with a little pink post it note!!!